16th Century Cottage

Located on the Waitrose Leckford Estate, the surrounding landscape is a testament to our dedicated farmers, with picturesque vineyards and striking cattle views.

Transforming a 16th Century whitewashed cottage was no small feat. Its thick walls, complex layout, and numerous openings meant careful planning was needed. The solution was to situate the Everhot 120i in the old fireplace. For enhanced functionality and aesthetics, pening the space meant the client could oversee the Dining Room while cooking.

To meet the client's desire for ample storage and a substantial food prep area, a double-depth peninsular was introduced. This not only maximised workspace but also storage efficiency.

At Hugo & Blake, we embrace colour without limitations. Unlike many in our field, we match any shade our clients desire without additional charges. This particular kitchen boasts a refined flushed pink, embodying the client's unique style while maintaining a classic charm.

Our "less is more" approach ensured the kitchen felt open and breathable. Strategic design choices, like omitting wall cabinets and incorporating subtle colour pops, yielded a sophisticated yet uncluttered space our clients loved.

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