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Dressing Your Kitchen – Hardware Makes the Outfit!

When deciding on the perfect hardware for your handmade freestanding kitchen, it’s important to consider both the aesthetic and practical implications of your choice. As well as making sure that these key features harmonise with the overall look of your space, you must think about the type of hardware design that will work for you. In the case of cabinet handles, you’ll be using these elements multiple times a day, so it’s critical to get the decision right.

Whether you’re opting for a modern kitchen hardware style and or something more traditional, the sheer variety of options available will help you select the product that perfectly suits your space. As with any design project, when it comes to cabinet handles and light fixtures: it’s all about the details.

Big, overstated hardware is in!

Big, overstated hardware has had a resurgence in classic kitchen design in recent years. From large polished copper or antique bronze handles to offset the elegant detailing of your handmade timber cabinets and drawers—to impactful lighting fixtures to really make an impression in your kitchen—the trend towards statement hardware is certainly proving popular. Choosing these kinds of overstated features is an excellent way to add interest to classic architectural detailing—particularly if you select a finish that contrasts with the plumbing and other decor elements within the room.

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More kitchen hardware trends for 2023

From elegant black metal cup handles to classic wooden knobs, there are a variety of hardware trends to look out for this year. If you’ve chosen lighter tones for your handmade painted cabinets, pairing them with black or darker metal handles can achieve a modern, sleek ambience while maintaining a traditional touch. Black kitchen cabinet hardware also takes on a bold look when paired with rich blue cabinetry. This surprising combination will create an eclectic overall look and dampen an otherwise subdued aesthetic.  

Wooden knobs, meanwhile, are a timeless option that add a natural warmth and texture to your timber cabinets, and achieves a harmonious design profile throughout your space.  Wood finishes, combined with rich earthy tones, make for a subtle, traditional shaker feel.

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How do I choose the right kitchen cabinet hardware?

With the extensive variety of hardware finishes and options available, it’s up to the individual customer—aided with all the design advice provided from our expert team—to select the handles that match their kitchen cabinets and style preference. 

It’s imperative that the hardware you choose fits the theme of your cabinets and kitchen in general. If you have a modern and contemporary kitchen, consider sleek, lean pulls—a satin nickel D-handle, perhaps—to complement the streamlined theme. Traditional cabinets will work best with something more understated; antique brass or pewter is a great choice when paired with a lightly distressed or washed timber cabinet.

Try and find cohesion in your finishes. While you can always mix-and-match hardware within your kitchen design, to create an eclectic, rustic look; keeping colours and materials coordinated will help maintain the visual structure of your kitchen.

Timeless hardware options for shaker cabinets

Shaker cabinets bring a traditional country aesthetic to your kitchen space. Their versatility and classic design are the primary reason they remain so popular in both classic and modern kitchens. With handmade shaker-style cabinets, you can achieve the design profile you’re looking for through perfect kitchen cabinet hardware. 

Shaker cabinet doors are so visually dextrous, they can be transformed for both contemporary or traditional purposes with the simple addition of carefully-selected hardware; from heirloom brass cabinet handles to polished chrome for that modern touch, embellishing these vital  elements can impact your kitchen area’s tone and general aesthetic.

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Classic styling with brass

If you’re looking for that timeless finish within your kitchen design, you can achieve the desired effect with aged or polished brass cabinet hardware from Crofts & Assinder. Classic brass handles and knobs can instantly warm up lighter painted cabinets, while adding elegance and sophistication when coupled with dark blue or cherry timber finishes. Meanwhile, you’ll also find a range of exquisite brass features at Armac Martin whose elegant detailing celebrates true craftsmanship when it comes to interior brass products.

Dowsing & Reynolds' brass statement pendant lighting is also an excellent method of visually connecting your classic kitchen design elements. The addition of pendant lighting can instantly enhance a room's visual appeal; with ribbed bulb holders, made of solid brass, offering a touch of opulence and grandeur that can take your design scheme to new heights.

How can we help?

If you are looking for any guidance or help for the important job of choosing the right hardware for your kitchen project, please feel free to get in touch. With a vast collection of cabinet handles, lighting fixtures, comprising both modern and conventional styles, we can find the right solution for you. You can also book a visit to our showroom to get a better feel for the range of choices available.

Posted on April 28th 2023

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