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How to Breathe New Life Into Your Freestanding Kitchen

Our kitchens are built to last. Using time-honoured techniques and the highest quality materials available, you can guarantee that your freestanding cabinets, dressers and worktops will all stand the test of time and keep their aesthetic charm and integrity for decades after their installation.

If you’re looking for a low-scale change, however, to inject a bit of visual zest into your kitchen, or would simply like to mix up the design dynamics of your space, there are a number of steps you can take to keep things looking fresh.

Paint with all the colours!

To offset the aesthetic quality of your freestanding shaker cabinets, whether it’s solid oak, beach or birch, there’s always the option to paint the walls or feature walls of your kitchen space to add some vibrancy. Tired of the same old pastel tones in your kitchen? Why not go for a bold statement colour like pumpkin orange or rich crimson to really make the natural wood finishes sing?

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Lighting options

Another great way to introduce a new visual energy into your freestanding kitchen, to create space and highlight features, is to rethink your lighting setup. If you’ve invested in a new freestanding dresser which is displaying a stylish copper pan set, consider how some well-positioned spotlighting could accentuate the new addition. A freestanding kitchen island could benefit from some elegant pendant lighting; to add character, as well as offering some practical task lighting in food preparation and dining areas.

Choose a freestanding kitchen

The beauty of a freestanding kitchen is that there’s always an opportunity to upgrade, reinvent and enhance. To create a sense of newness in your kitchen, or to alter your kitchen plan to accommodate the ever-changing dynamics of your family, you can always add a new cabinet, a freestanding kitchen island or a dresser to your space. Invigorate the room and introduce a beautiful new handmade kitchen unit to your floor plan.

Some contemporary under-the-cupboard lights are a neat way to illuminate kitchen counters, and if you have decorative feature tiles surrounding your oven and hob, you may want to install some spotlights to draw attention to the space.

farmhouse freestanding kitchen

The joys of open shelving

If you’re looking for a practical way to display your favourite crockery sets or vintage kitchen appliances, opting for open-shelved freestanding cabinets and dressers is an excellent solution. Hugo & Blake can create any number of shelving and cabinet combinations to best suit your needs, so there’s always an opportunity to install new storage features into your freestanding kitchen.

With your open-shelving units in place, you’ve now got scope to change and replace items—whether it’s kitchenware, artwork, books, or plants—to keep things feeling fresh and create new interesting points of focus whenever you decide.

It’s the little things

Once Hugo & Blake have installed your dream kitchen, making sure it’s tailored exactly to your tastes and needs, there are plenty of small details you can focus on to stamp your individual style on the space. Change the blinds or curtains in harmony with the seasons, mix up the locations of your appliances, invest in a new chopping board or knife set. Perhaps create space for some new plant life or a window herb garden. It’s the little things that make a big difference!

kitchen plant and wooden utensils

How can we help?

Whatever changes you decide to make in your freestanding kitchen, big or small, Hugo & Blake is always on hand to offer expert advice. From colour schemes and lighting solutions, to complete freestanding kitchen installations, we can provide the solution and make sure your dream kitchen project is a success. So, feel free to get in touch. We’d be glad to help.

Posted on August 19th 2022

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