Rustic farmhouse kitchen

How to Create a Rustic Freestanding Kitchen

A charmingly rustic freestanding kitchen can be the perfect design remedy for anyone looking for an alternative to the sleek, uniform feel of a modern space. 

There’s nothing wrong adopting a contemporary aesthetic for your kitchen, of course—and neither should you be discouraged from following a linear theme when it comes to colours, materials and finishes. 

However, if the style of your home warrants a touch of character—perhaps you live in a delightfully quirky old cottage—then a more rustic approach might be the best option for you and your tastes. And freestanding kitchens can be a great way to achieve this style profile.

Let us guide you, then, through the many factors to consider when looking to create a rustic freestanding kitchen.

Rustic kitchen cabinets

Mix and match your units, materials and finishes

If you want to divert away from the strict uniformity involved in modern kitchen design, and instead prefer a more eclectic look, it’s worthwhile relaxing your mindset when it comes to unit choices and their materials and finishes. 

Opting for a diverse assemblage of freestanding pieces is a sure-fire way of creating a rustic aesthetic—and, in a practical sense, it's a tremendous space-saver for smaller kitchen footprints.

Mix up your freestanding furniture, combine different wood, metal and stone finishes—get creative with your colour palette. If your goal is to establish an informal, lived-in ambience within your kitchen space, it’s perfectly achievable by steering clear of regimented design choices.

Invest in a kitchen island

A kitchen island is the ideal fusion of form and practicality—and there are plenty of styles available to suit your rustic kitchen. An oak worktop counter with painted wooden cabinets, for example, is an excellent solution for your design brief.

Not only can a handcrafted freestanding island offer you a place for dining—whether it’s breakfast, lunch or an evening family meal—it can also be designed to include are whole range of cabinets, shelving, drawers, integrated appliances, and workstations to create an essential multipurpose hub for your rustic kitchen.

The configuration of your island is entirely down to you. Hugo & Blake can work to your exact specifications in terms of size, dimension, materials, fixtures and fittings to meet your needs. In a freestanding kitchen, an island can be an invaluable method of dividing up social and cooking spaces—and your versatile unit can be repositioned when extra space is required!

Rustic farmhouse kitchen island

Make the most of your awkward layout!

If you live in an older country cottage, it might be that your layout is a little, shall we say, idiosyncratic! Perhaps it’s rich in visual character; full of nooks, crannies and awkward features. If that’s the case: embrace your home’s natural charm.

These quirky spaces are perfect for freestanding kitchens as you can easily slot in small cupboards or a slightly narrower dresser. Remember, Hugo & Blake can design kitchen cabinets to your exact specifications, so a challenging floor plan is no problem!

Kitchen dressers

A classic Welsh dresser is the must-have centrepiece of any rustic freestanding kitchen. A timeless feature, these handmade units can be designed with any number of cabinet, drawer and shelving combinations to suit your needs—offering plenty of room for storage, as well as display opportunities for those treasured items.

Open kitchen dresser for rustic farmhouse kitchen
Kitchen dresser for rustic farmhouse kitchen

Appliances and kitchenware

If you’ve invested in some beautifully vintage appliances and kitchenware—perhaps some copper pots and pans, or an antique tea kettle—why not show them off? 

These items can act as valuable design flourishes and add to the overall feel of your kitchen. Incorporate open shelving, wall hooks; or utilize your kitchen table. Don’t store them away, make these components feature pieces and lean in fully to your theme. 

An old butcher’s block is a great addition to a rustic freestanding kitchen. Position it front and centre on your kitchen island and make it a real talking point for your space.

Maximize with minimalism…

Freestanding kitchens are generally associated with traditional homes, rather than contemporary minimalist spaces. If you favour a more rustic style, however, but also have a desire not to overcomplicate things—it’s a perfectly attainable design goal.

The trick is to incorporate a few simple freestanding units—a dresser, some elegant wooden cabinets, and a kitchen island, perhaps—and keep the colour scheme minimal. Throw in a few bespoke appliances and feature pieces and bring the whole look together!

There’s plenty to think about in the quest to create a beautiful rustic freestanding kitchen. As always, Hugo & Blake are here to help. Whether it’s finding the right cabinet or dresser for your space, or discussing specific materials and finishes, we are on hand to provide the advice and expert guidance you need. 

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Posted on October 21st 2021

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