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How to Create an Autumn-Inspired Freestanding Kitchen

While summer is the season of vibrant colour and bright bold tones, autumn’s muted natural aesthetic is one you can subtly introduce into your freestanding kitchen. So be inspired! Embrace those deep reds, radiant oranges and seasonal plant life into your kitchen design, and use them to create the warm, welcoming atmosphere of autumn all year round with these helpful design tips:

Use your kitchen island as a centrepiece

The first step towards creating an autumnal aesthetic in your freestanding kitchen is to bring a seasonal colour scheme to key elements within your space to establish a centrepiece. 

In a large kitchen, that centrepiece might be a handcrafted freestanding kitchen island; so perhaps a rich burnt orange countertop or handmade painted timber cabinets installed within the unit would benefit from this bold colour scheme. Alternatively, a less permanent option could be to introduce low-level orange lighting around the edges of the island to create the desired effect. 

The addition of a traditional range cooker can also enhance the warm autumn theme, particularly when you choose one with a natural orange or dark green finish. This statement appliance can be the focal point of any country-style kitchen and will complement the seasonal tone of the room.

green range cooker

Introduce the colours of autumn 

If you’re looking for a more subtle approach, one that doesn’t change the entire colour scheme of your freestanding cabinets and worktops, there’s always the option to introduce splashes of autumnal tones around your kitchen—ideally in an area where there isn’t an obvious focal point. 

This could be the inclusion of exposed brickwork or a tiled splashback behind your range cooker which uses the traditional autumn hues. This bold colour palette will work particularly well if used with neutral-tone appliances and cookers. 

The fixtures and finishes on your timber cabinets can also go a long way towards achieving the seasonal look. Earthy oak handles on light-painted timber cabinets can create a beautifully warm ambience in your freestanding kitchen. Elsewhere, think about other natural wooden features, such as spice racks, shelving and large wooden chopping boards to further enhance the autumnal feel. 

The key is to implement these design elements tastefully and remember to offset all of those bold yellows, oranges and browns with light tones to create balance.

autumnal plant life in clay pots

Plant life and foliage

As well as the rustic cabinet and worktop choices you can implement for your freestanding kitchen, and the autumnal colour schemes you include within your design, you can also introduce some natural flourishes to bring together the overall look of your space. 

Find homes for plant life with autumnal colours on your freestanding shelving units or by the window. Also, be smart with your pot choices; think earthy clay and wicker instead of contemporary-style plastics or sleek metals for that warm, welcoming atmosphere within your kitchen.

For an all-year-round floral display, which captures the essence of a traditional shaker kitchen, why not include a dried flower bouquet, carefully arranged in a stunning terracotta vase? Just find the colour scheme that harmonises with your design, and enjoy a low-maintenance natural display throughout the seasons.

chopping board with autumn soup

Practical considerations

As well as the striking aesthetics of your autumn-inspired freestanding kitchen, it’s also a good idea to think practically about how you use your space in the colder months. 

Autumn and winter are the time for slow-cooked comfort foods, so why not keep your best casserole dishes and crock pots displayed on freestanding open shelving to reflect the culinary mood of the season? Meanwhile, it might be time to reorganize storage drawers and freestanding pantries so that those more frequently used ingredients are within easy reach. Rethink the layout of your work surfaces, too, and consider the function of your kitchen at this time of year. Whether that’s introducing a pestle and mortar to your countertops, or finding a home for the slow cooker, there’re plenty of things you can do to get your kitchen ready for the change in seasons.

How can we help?

Here at Hugo & Blake, we can create both traditional and modern shaker-style kitchens that are perfectly suited to an autumn-inspired space. If you’d like to discuss your vision with our experienced design team—or would like some ideas about how to implement some of the choices discussed—then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s start planning your dream kitchen.

Posted on November 9th 2022

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