exposed brick wall and wooden cabinets

How to Get That Industrial Aesthetic in your Freestanding Kitchen

One of the most sought-after kitchen design trends of the last decade can be found in those spaces inspired by old factories and industrial buildings. Indeed, this stylish aesthetic, along with the hard-wearing and functional features that come with choosing an industrial-style kitchen, make it an understandably aspirational theme.

With exposed brick feature walls, concrete pillars for dramatic effect, and an assortment of rustic freestanding cabinets, it’s a perfectly attainable style choice. One that, despite its stark visual qualities, can create a kitchen space full of character and charm. 

Here are a few ideas to consider to achieve that popular industrial aesthetic for your freestanding kitchen.

Exposed brick and wooden cabinets

The combination of exposed brickwork and high-quality freestanding wooden cabinets kitchen is a great starting point for this desired look. The industrial aesthetic has its roots in old converted factories, and the subtle juxtaposition of brick and rustic wood finishes will go some way into creating that minimalist aesthetic.

Raw materials such as concrete, metal, and timber are at the forefront of industrial design, and their natural properties are allowed to age gracefully to create a truly unique setting. The addition of large copper pendant lighting systems, like you’d find hanging from the beams of an old factory floor, will further enhance the effect.

Copper pans and open shelving

To help incorporate the industrial theme into your kitchen further, why not invest in a handmade open-shelved freestanding cabinet. With these versatile units, you can showcase some good-quality copper pans and utensils. This addition of traditional kitchenware is a simple way of introducing a sense of rustic style to your space. 

The beauty of freestanding kitchen cabinets is that you’re not shackled by a fixed position. If you find your pots and pans would look better elsewhere, the unit can be moved into a more visible location. Not only is open-shelving a great design choice—it’s also highly practical as you can access items without having to open a cupboard or drawer.

copper pans on shelving

Open spaces everywhere…

One feature that optimizes the industrial kitchen aesthetic is the use of open space and high ceilings. This unpolished, asymmetrical design choice has become increasingly popular because of its unfussy, airy feel. Open plan set-ups allow for plenty of light, particularly with large windows and skylights. This look is perfectly achievable with freestanding furniture as you have the freedom to reconfigure and rearrange cabinets and workstations to free-up floor space.

open plan kitchen with stone wall

Rough simplicity

If there’s one phrase that characterizes the industrial kitchen aesthetic, it’s rough simplicity. As well as exposed brickwork, concrete walls, and flashes of rustic metals and timber, there’s a balance to found in the fixtures and finishes you choose. Painted cabinets, copper handles and doorknobs: these are features that can embolden the industrial theme. While never compromising on quality, there’s always a way to land on the rustic aesthetic you desire

copper pans on hooks

How can we help?

With years of experience and expertise in creating bespoke handmade kitchens, of a wide variety of different styles and tastes, we’re more than happy to be contacted to help build your industrial-style kitchen. We can offer a whole range of suggestions in terms of cabinet choice, colour themes, finishes—so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Posted on March 24th 2022

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