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How to Introduce 'Hygge' Into Your Freestanding Kitchen

The incorporation of Scandinavian-inspired design has become a popular trend in the modern home. By embracing simple aesthetics, clean lines and decluttered spaces, there’s plenty we can learn from our friends across the North Sea when it comes to creating a natural, relaxed environment…and these principles can just as easily be introduced into your kitchen, too. 

The decor term hygge, uniting cosiness, comfort and happiness, is a Norwegian and Danish concept that will enhance the feel and natural ambience of your freestanding space. With a few simple touches, it’s possible to introduce this kind of atmosphere to your freestanding kitchen.

So what exactly is hygge?

Hygge is a Scandinavian design philosophy that combines sensory elements to establish a snug and intimate environment. Generally, you’re looking to integrate texture, colour, and physical flourishes to rouse a sense of warmth, cohesion and contentment.

True hygge goes beyond the décor and design of a room. Instead, we’re looking to establish what defines its essence. How it feels to inhabit the space. To achieve this hygge-like impact in your freestanding kitchen, there are numerous subtle features you can focus on to generate that feeling of comfort and warmth throughout the day.

Use whites and greys

Simplicity is at the heart of Scandinavian hygge design, and it’s difficult to imagine a more rudimental shade than white. To avoid creating a stark, impersonal look, however, hygge uses varying shades of white and grey to offer a soft, multidimensional look.

Try opting for off-white freestanding units and combining them with cream freestanding cabinets—add warm, natural wood flooring for an authentic Scandinavian-feel kitchen space.

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Make the most of your natural wooden features...

The invitingly warm aesthetics of wood make for perfect hygge-inspired features. For that natural rustic look, wood can be used in a number of elements throughout your freestanding kitchen to create a cosy atmosphere. From cabinets, dressers and units, to freestanding islands and worktops. 

Beech or oak cabinets are the obvious choice for a traditional freestanding Shaker-style kitchen, and can be offset with light worktops and flooring to inject texture and that desired hygge theme. The addition of wooden chopping boards and cooking utensils are also a sure-fire way of achieving the required aesthetic.

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Think soft and warm metals

While you'll want to steer clear of stainless steel, which will be too clinical for your chosen theme, softer metallic features like brass and copper can add a warm, dynamic finish. 

Statement copper taps can be a great addition, while the careful positioning of some copper cooking equipment on your freestanding dresser will offer a vintage stylistic touch.  

Meanwhile, choosing brass hinges and handles for your freestanding cabinets will give your kitchen that subtle metallic flourish. Also, you can accessorise with rosy metallic features like copper candle holders, lamps, and kettles which you can display around your kitchen.

elements of hygge

Introduce pastels for depth

While white and grey will act as the colour foundations of your hygge-inspired space, your kitchen will certainly benefit from the addition of some statement pastel colours to reinforce that Scandinavian feel. 

Use pastels in your kitchen layout by painting feature walls in your chosen tone or opt for a freestanding island unit in a pastel colour. Alternatively, you can inject flashes of colour into your kitchen with ceramics, earthenware and crockery sets…all of which can be displayed on your freestanding dressers or open units.

Build an assortment of colours and textures throughout your kitchen and slowly start to see that Scandinavian aesthetic take shape, creating a warm, welcoming and calm space for you and your family to enjoy. Whether you’re cooking, dining, working or socialising, with these design choices you can successfully introduce hygge into your kitchen.

How can we help?

There’s plenty to think about in the quest to create a beautiful hygge-inspired freestanding kitchen. If you’d like any advice on kitchen design, from colour choices to installing a kitchen island, Hugo & Blake are always here to help. So, please, feel free to get in touch. Let’s build your dream kitchen!

Posted on June 14th 2022

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