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How to Introduce Metallic Elements into Your Freestanding Kitchen

Whatever your style preferences—whether you lean towards calming neutral tones and a classic country aesthetic, or the sleek modern lines of a contemporary kitchen, the careful addition of metal can really add visual depth to your space. Metal finishes have seen a rise in popularity over the last decade or so, and their subtle incorporation into your kitchen elements can be a worthwhile investment. 

Let’s take you through some of the clever ways in which metal can be included in your freestanding kitchen design.

Metallic finish appliances

While stainless steel is a common choice for kitchen appliances, copper has emerged as a stylish alternative for the modern kitchen staple—particularly for smaller appliances. If you’re unsure whether this timeless aesthetic is right for your kitchen, why not try introducing a few copper pots and pans to your shelves and open freestanding cabinets and see how they harmonize with the rest of your space.

Utilise your hanging rail

Hanging rails are a functional addition to any kitchen environment, and with the right material choice, they can create a sense of style and sophistication.  Steer away from the utility option of stainless steel and instead embrace a metallic gold or copper rail. Now you’ve got a statement feature in your kitchen—rather than just a practical device for hanging your utensils and cooking wares. For that extra dose of metallic magic, why not use the rail to hang some copper pots?

cabinets with metal knobs

Freestanding cabinet features

When choosing your handmade freestanding cabinets from Hugo & Blake, there’s a whole range of fixtures and fittings to consider. From solid brass doorknobs to inset copper handles for your drawers—as well as steel or brass hinges for each cabinet—there are plenty of ways to introduce high-quality metals to your kitchen. Our personal service is a great way of landing on the exact design of your cabinets. Our expert team is always on hand to suggest the perfect material combinations to create your dream kitchen.

bronze taps

Statement taps

A statement tap is a surefire way of raising the design stakes of your kitchen. Not only will an attention-grabbing faucet create a stylish talking point for your space—there’s also a range of modern features that will enhance the efficiency of a busy working kitchen. From instant boiling water taps to time-saving filters. 

Once again we’d suggest moving away from the standard stainless steel and chrome when choosing the right tap—opt instead for the subtle finish of copper and bronze. These metals will complement the natural tones of your freestanding wooden cabinets and work surfaces, much more than the often harsh aesthetics of stainless.

copper lighting

Lighting options

A hugely popular lighting option that has emerged in the last few years is the hanging pendant light. These elegant illumination features are particularly popular suspended over freestanding kitchen islands. To keep in line with our metal theme, once again copper is the pendant light of choice. For a classy, understated look, you can find pendant lights with a matte outside and shiny metallic inside. This tasteful flourish is a great way of artfully adding metallic notes to your freestanding kitchen.

How can we help?

If you’d like any guidance on the best way of introducing metals to your freestanding kitchen, or would like any help choosing your kitchen cabinets or work surfaces, then please get in touch. The friendly Hugo & Blake team is always just a phone call or email away!

Posted on March 8th 2022

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