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How to Keep Your Freestanding Pantry Organised

There’s something joyfully satisfying about seeing all your foodstuffs and ingredients stored neatly in a pantry; carefully-labelled mason jars, plastic containers, and tins, all stacked and organised in a logical, easily-accessible fashion.

If you’re looking for a space-saving, functional alternative to a walk-in pantry, however, if your kitchen plan simply won’t accommodate one, an excellent solution is a freestanding pantry.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can utilise your freestanding pantry for the very best in storage efficiency.

The benefits of a freestanding pantry

If you’re not blessed with an overly spacious kitchen, one that will comfortably house a walk-in pantry, then a freestanding pantry is a superb option. Not only do you have flexibility to choose a pantry size that will fit your space, there are a whole range of drawer, shelving, and storage combinations available to suit your needs. 

On top of that, with a freestanding pantry, you’ve got unlimited scope for the positioning of your unit. If your pantry isn’t working in its current location, you can simply move it to a more convenient area of your freestanding kitchen. Versatility, practicality, space saving. There are a huge number of benefits involved in choosing a freestanding pantry. Now...let's get organised!

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Utilise your drawers

Whatever storage layout you decide upon for your freestanding pantry, it’s never a bad idea to maximise your space by keeping those tins, jars and containers of less frequently used foodstuff in drawers. That way, you can place everyday items on open shelves for easy access. To further utilise your storage space, there’s always the option to install deep drawers in your freestanding pantry to house larger staple ingredients like bulk bags of dried pasta and rice. Also consider including a drawer organiser to inject yet more methodology into your storage plan.

Creative shelving

To bring a sense of military-like organisation to your freestanding pantry, for those regularly-used food items, think about how you can get the most out of your shelving. Hugo & Blake will hand-build a pantry to your precise specifications, so the possibilities are endless when it comes to shelving. Whatever configuration works for you; a mixture of open shelves and beautiful oak or beech cabinets, and deep-back shelving to generate more storage space. There’s really no limit to your creative options on the quest for ultimate pantry stock management!

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rustic farmhouse kitchen pantry

Use baskets and mason jars

Once you’ve got your dream shelving and drawer combination sorted, and the installation service is complete, you can always add further practical storage solutions to your pantry by investing in some baskets and mason jars. Keep flour, grains, nuts and the like in glassware containers for easy stacking…and reduce the chances of loose ingredients spoiling your tidy, organised unit. 

Keep everyday items in baskets that will fit neatly on your shelving for easy access. And why not divide your ingredients into categories and label each basket and mason jar, so you know exactly what you’re grabbing. A particularly good idea if anyone in the household has a food allergy or intolerance.

Spice up your pantry!

Get your spices in check with a beautiful handmade rack. Hugo & Blake can integrate the spice and herb rack of your choice into a freestanding pantry. So for those who enjoy a little extra dose of flavour in their food, we can build a storage solution to facilitate. From almond extract to vanilla pods, and everything in between, there’s the perfect practical rack available. You can even have spice racks built into your pantry cabinet doors, if you’re looking to create yet more space on your shelving.

How can we help?

Hugo & Blake are always here to help when it comes to finding the perfect freestanding pantry for your kitchen. With a wide range of handmade units available, there’s a pantry solution to fit every space and to suit every kitchen style—so please, get in touch. We’d love to chat!

Posted on July 31st 2022

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