Keep your Kitchen Organised with these Storage Ideas

While Hugo & Blake want to ensure that the aesthetics of your kitchen reflect your own specific tastes and personality—whether it’s modern and sleek or rustic and homely—we also understand the importance of designing a functional space. In practical terms, this hardworking, multipurpose part of your home should harmonize effortlessly with you and your lifestyle.

However much you intend to get out of your kitchen environment, intelligent storage can be a great way of creating a manageable, smooth-functioning space. Let us take you through some smart solutions for housing your appliances, crockery, utensils—and much more—and see what might work for you.

Multipurpose kitchen island

well-designed kitchen island will go a long way towards solving a whole host of your storage challenges. With numerous configurations of cupboards, shelving, deep drawers, seating options, custom inlays, plate racks, coolers—there’s really no limit to what can be stowed away in your kitchen island. Whether it’s crockery, pots and pans, foodstuffs, appliances; everything can be hidden neatly in these versatile must-haves kitchen features.

Hanging rails

Low on kitchen space? Install a hanging rail. By suspending your pots, pans and various utensils from the walls or ceiling, you’re immediately freeing room in your cupboards and drawers. Hanging rails are also a stylish way to showcase your favourite cooking equipment and make them easily accessible.


Boxes, bags and bulky packaging can make a disorganized mess of your pantry. For maximum efficiency, discard superfluous cardboard and plastic wrapping and store everything in clear containers instead. This will allow you to stack ingredients neatly in your fridge or pantry. Why not invest in a label maker to make quickly identifying your items that much easier.

Knife magnet

Knife blocks can take up unnecessary space on your worktops—they’re also not the safest method of storing sharp utensils, particularly if they topple over. Why not place all your knives on a magnetic wall strip? Save valuable counter real estate and showcase your finest sharp steelware at the same time.


You can never have too much kitchen storage and, if there’s enough room, a walk-in pantry can be a valuable tool for housing all your dry foodstuffs, tinned goods and much more. With an abundance of easily-accessible space and storage possibilities, a pantry is the feature a busy, well-used kitchen can’t do without.


If wall space is at a premium, it’s not always a great idea to overcrowd your surroundings with too many bulky wall cabinets. The smart addition of shelving can be a great method for storing items and creating a sense of light and space within your kitchen. Shelving also gives you the option of displaying your best crockery or anything else you’d like to have on show.

Hide your appliances

To best utilize your space, why not explore the option of integrating your appliances. Concealing ovens, fridge-freezers, dishwashers in beautifully-crafted housing units is a great way of creating a sleek, minimalist aesthetic—while also freeing up much-needed room in your kitchen. Hugo & Blake can design a whole range of stylish housing units for your appliances—always with the overall style of your kitchen in mind. 

Drawer Organizers

Organizers and dividers are a simple yet highly-effective method of keeping your drawers tidy and in order. Not only will you make the most efficient use of your drawers, it also makes items visible and easily-accessible. Don’t stop at just cutlery and utensils, use organizers in all of your drawers for optimal storage results.

Window shelving 

Whatever the size and dimension of your kitchen, every inch counts in the quest for ultimate storage. It may seem unconventional to install a shelf above a window, but it can be an excellent place to display crockery, ornaments or anything else you might not need to access regularly.

Posted on June 30th 2021

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