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Kitchen Colour Trends for 2022

With your kitchen being at the very heart of the household—a place for morning congregations with the family, for mealtimes, or for that quick cup of coffee before heading off to work—it’s important to ensure that the ambience of your space is just right.

One simple and reliable way of positively transforming your kitchen environment is the careful addition of colour. But where do you start when thinking about the tones and shades of your home’s central hub? 

How a colour change can help your freestanding kitchen

There’s been a real change in the tides recently when it comes to kitchen design; a desire to ditch culinary spaces that feel cold and clinical and, instead, lean towards a more eclectic, lived-in aesthetic. Opting for deep reds and vibrant oranges in your colour scheme is a great way of softening the feel of your kitchen.  

Combine these colour choices with some carefully-selected freestanding wooden cabinets, and you will really start to see this curated theme come together. And the advantage of freestanding furniture, as opposed to fixed units, is that you can rearrange your floor plan whenever you feel like creating a new dynamic.

Synchronise walls and freestanding cabinets

In the quest to create a harmonious colour scheme, kitchens that are populated with freestanding cabinets and dressers can present something of a colour challenge. How do know which tones to choose to keep your theme consistent?

A popular way to build cohesion in your kitchen is to match the wall colour to the cabinets. To avoid completely drowning the design in monochrome, try adding a feature wall with contrasting tones to really offset the rest of the space.

Take inspiration from nature

Where better a place to search for colour inspiration than nature itself. The organic tones found in woodlands, for example, can really compliment the statement colours you’ve chosen for the rest of your space. These earthy soft hues can add depth and drama to the most mundane of palettes. Think dark greens and rich browns to offset bursts of coral and pink.

Let’s take a look at some of the trends and popular themes of 2022 and see what steps you can take to create the perfect colour palette for your freestanding kitchen.

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Supercharge your colours!

As appealing as it might be to gravitate towards light hues and pastels on every wall and freestanding cabinet in painting distance, too much reliance on this approach can deliver short on the visual excitement levels for your kitchen. Things might start to feel a little underwhelming if you’re not careful. Instead, plump for colours with deeper saturation levels and inject some personality into your space.

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Personal touches

A well-designed freestanding kitchen should be an expression of your own tastes and personality—while striking an aesthetic balance with the rest of your home. One way to hit these notes is to sprinkle accessories and personal touches around your kitchen with a strong, cohesive colour theme. 

Installing artwork, rugs, pottery, that all synchronize with your kitchen tonally, will breathe new life into your space and add an important dose of individual flair.

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How can we help?

Whatever colour scheme you do land on, rest assured that the Hugo & Blake design team are always on hand to discuss options and to provide expert advice to ensure your kitchen looks exactly how you want it. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or queries—colour-themed or otherwise!

Posted on April 21st 2022

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