Kitchen Trends for 2021

As more time has been spent in our homes than ever before in the last twelve months, it’s perhaps understandable that the hardest working room in the house—the kitchen—has experienced a period of evolution. 

As life at home has transformed; as single-use rooms are repurposed into makeshift offices, living spaces and areas for socially distanced entertainment, so too do our kitchens adapt to accommodate these changes.

If you’re planning to invest in some kitchen renovations and improvements this year, or you’re just looking to give your space an injection of energy and colour, let us take you through some of the trends making a splash in 2021...

Colour contrasts

It seems there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to colour combinations anymore. Tones that might once have been considered a cardinal sin to set against each other, are now positively encouraged. Kitchens can be a rich tapestry of unexpected colour pairings. Whether you’re creating a statement tile wall, painting wooden cabinets, or choosing a table and chair set; a burst of anomalous colour can really bring a kitchen space to life. Slate and cherry redwood, rich coral and steel, vibrant aquamarine against a subtle tan. The world is your colour palette oyster!

Compact design

As kitchens evolve into multipurpose rooms, space becomes a premium asset. Expect to see a focus on smart, compact design this year; particular in more modestly sized, narrow, or broken plan kitchens. An increasing number of kitchen designs will aim for that magic formula of minimal clutter and maximum efficiency, with every inch of the space utilized.

Creating a line of cabinets along a single wall is a smart method of streamlining and creating additional room, and tall wall units are perfect for narrow, galley-style kitchens. 

Taps to make an impact!

It’s hard to imagine a kitchen without taps. So why not give them the attention they deserve and choose faucets to make an impact?

Brass, industrial-style taps have become a popular feature in both modern and traditional kitchen designs in the last few years. Their unique visual qualities can really compliment a range of different sinks and won’t fail to create an interesting aesthetic. If you’re looking for consistency in your design, perhaps look to implement brass into other kitchen elements, such as drawer handles and visible utensils. 

Industrial aesthetics

No need to stop at taps when it comes to industrial-style features. Utilizing raw materials in kitchen design is a growing trend in 2021; one that doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon! 

Combining stark metal finishes with stone and concrete effect creates a wholly singular aesthetic, as well as offering a unique contrast in tones and textures. A cut stonework surface can be offset beautifully with a range of brass or steel features. 

Do you have plans to renovate your kitchen? Get in touch today to see how we can help you build your desired kitchen, handmade here in the UK with expert craftsmanship and genuine quality.

Posted on July 9th 2021

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