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Kitchen Trends to Look Out For in 2022

People often refer to their kitchens as the heart of the home, and it's easy to see whyNot only are they an integral, versatile space for cooking, entertainment, family mealtimes, intimate dinner parties, and after-school study sessions—from a design standpoint, they are a reflection of ourselves and our individual tastes. 

The choices we make when creating a new freestanding kitchen should be a celebration of our aesthetic preferences—and should function in a way that coordinates with our lifestyle. Here at Hugo & Blake, we can design and build a kitchen that accommodates these important features…with the customer always at the forefront of the process.

With that, let’s take a look at some of the design trends that have become popular this year and see how they might be incorporated into your dream kitchen.

Mix up your furniture!

If you’re looking to put an individual stamp on your kitchen, mixing up the style, size and colours of your freestanding furniture is a great way to create an individual, eclectic aesthetic. 

As well as the exceptional build quality of our freestanding cabinets and dressers, perhaps the most beneficial feature in terms of versatility, is their ability to be moved. Rearranging and remapping your kitchen plan is made easy with our freestanding units, and you’ve always got the scope to change the look and feel of your space.

We’re also able to supply your units and cabinets with the paint finish, fixtures and fittings of your choice, perfect if you’re aiming for that rustic, assorted design profile.

Creative lighting solutions...

Kitchens are no longer just a space in which to perform domestic and culinary tasks, they are now designed with a whole host of activities and social occasions in mind—they are a microcosm of the varied and complex nature of modern life. 

With the sheer number of practical duties and social situations your kitchen is asked to accommodate—from cooking and preparing food, to dining, entertainment, and working—it makes sense that the lighting in this multi-use space is similarly flexible.

The thoughtful addition of lighting can support many functions. You can illuminate whole areas of your kitchen—or particular zones for specific tasks. In a designated zone for food preparation, for instance, a simple, well-positioned spotlight can do wonders.

From a design perspective, innovative lighting solutions can be hugely advantageous—from creating the illusion of space in a smaller kitchen, to tackling the issue of limited natural light. 

Lighting is no longer just an afterthought for the modern kitchen, it’s become an integral feature!

creative lighting solutions

Rustic charm

A rustic, lived-in aesthetic has certainly become a popular kitchen trend, and can be a wonderful design alternative for anyone looking to move away from the uniform, stainless steel-influenced experience of a contemporary kitchen. 

If you’re looking to add a touch of character to your kitchen—something to suit a traditional country cottage, perhaps—then a Shaker-style theme might be the best way to achieve this look…and freestanding kitchen cabinets can be the perfect starting block.

This trend truly harmonizes with the idea of your kitchen being a multi-purpose space—not just a room for cooking in. Distressed paintwork dressers and cabinets, aged oak freestanding islands, plenty of natural wood; there are numerous ways to incorporate some rustic charm into your kitchen!

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Bold colour choices!

Choosing bold, traditionally contrasting colours within your freestanding kitchen isn’t a new trend, but there’s certainly been an upsurge in this design model as more unconventional tones become popular—with statement greens and burgundy replacing the more typical blues and pastels.

As customers become more experimental and brave with colour choices, and with their use of raw materials in their freestanding units, so too are we seeing a clear desire to put an individual design imprint on their kitchens. Here at Hugo & Blake, we welcome this new direction and will continue to offer our clients a multitude of options when it comes to building their perfect kitchen space. No colour is too outlandish, and we’re always happy to discuss your creative vision!

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How can we help?

So, plenty to think about. If you’d like any advice or guidance on how to incorporate these latest design trends into your freestanding kitchen, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Whether it’s choosing the perfect rustic cabinet, or deciding which colour palette would work best for your space, our friendly team is always on hand to offer assistance. Your dream kitchen is always just a phone call or email away!

Posted on June 22nd 2022

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