Our Guide to Planning a Kitchen Extension

There might come a time in your life when your current kitchen just isn’t working for you—indeed, outgrowing your kitchen is a common experience and one that can be resolved with the right kind of planning and expertise behind you. 

Perhaps the size of your family has increased and you need more room; it could be that your kitchen just isn’t big enough to accommodate all your appliances, or you feel you need additional space for dining and entertaining. Whatever the reason, a well-thought-out kitchen extension could be just the thing you need to improve the dynamics and functionality of your home. 

Here at Hugo & Blake, we strive to make the whole design experience as stress-free as possible. This kind of venture can be a big commitment, so let us provide every facet of our expertise to ensure the process is one you can really enjoy. Here are some things to consider before undertaking an extension project.

Planning: what can your kitchen do for you?

A kitchen can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s simply a place to cook and carry out household chores; while for some it’s the multifunction heart of the entire home. A place to dine, relax, entertain and meet with family and friends—somewhere to convene in the morning for breakfast or sit and unwind in the evening. 

With that in mind, it’s important, before any plans have been drawn out, to outline exactly what you need from your kitchen space. What are your essentials? Do you want a kitchen island, or a window-facing dining area separate from the workspaces and ovens? If your family has grown, would a walk-in pantry help utilize your space better and provide more room for additional groceries? Perhaps even a designated wash or utility room to free up space in the main kitchen area? 

Keeping a checklist of all these requirements is a fundamental step before talking to our design team. Rest assured, our design team is always available to discuss any ideas you might have—or if you’d just like to pick our brains about features that could work best for your extension.

Budgeting: be thorough!

A kitchen extension is no small undertaking. There’s no hiding from the fact that any structural changes to your household will mean a significant financial outlay. Here at Hugo & Blake, we understand the commitment involved in such a project and will always work tightly within your budget restraints. 

The next step, then, is planning your expenses. Down to the last screw. Set aside a good amount of time to really hone in on the overall costings of the extensions—not just for structural work or the large kitchen features, think about all those additional touches you’ve highlighted in the initial planning stage. Leave no stone unturned. As much as is feasible, account for every tile and every brass door handle with as much accuracy as possible. But also leave a little room for manoeuvre for those unforeseen additional costs. 

Not only will a carefully-planned budget give us clear parameters within which to work to create a beautiful extension, it will also put your mind at ease knowing that you’re not spending beyond your means. We pride ourselves on our personal service and will work closely with you throughout.

Yet more planning!

Now that your essentials wishlist has been created and your budget in check, it’s time to think about the actual layout of your newly-extended kitchen. We’re here to fully assist you at this stage of the process, to really iron out the blueprints of your evolving space. We understand that everyone’s needs are different, so it’s vital now to discuss in detail what features you’re looking for and exactly where they will go.

If the main focus of your kitchen is cooking and eating, you need to think about the location of the fridge, oven and sink in relation to your dining table. Perhaps you want to section off a dining area entirely? Is it your dream to have a place to sit and eat that leads directly into the garden, or, better still, an area that can open up fully for that alfresco dining feel? Remember, you don’t have to have these ideas set in concrete just yet. If you can’t quite get your head around the tricky logistics of your kitchen layout—that’s what we’re here for!

Now is also the time to start thinking in more granular detail. Each Hugo & Blake kitchen is lovingly handcrafted for a precise fit. Down to the last millimeter, our design team will build cabinets and worktops to fit your space with a satisfying degree of accuracy. To make doubly sure you’re getting exactly what you want from your kitchen extension, the planning stage is where all these elements come together.

Style choices: the fun bit!

A kitchen extension can be a great opportunity to stamp your individual style preferences onto your home. Perhaps you’ve always wanted more of a country feel to your kitchen? Now is the time to put forward your design choices for your new space. An extension could mean more room for a traditional Aga; painted wooden cabinets could create a more rustic aesthetic. Paint choices, fixtures, fittings. All of these style points are things to consider when moving ahead with your project. While you enhance the footprint of your property—increasing its value at the same time—think of your extension like a blank canvas that you can paint your personality on to. Tailor choices to suit your own unique tastes.

Once again, if you’re stumped for ideas, our design team will always be on hand to offer advice and suggestions.

Posted on March 12th 2021

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