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Smart Kitchens! A Guide to Technology For Modern Kitchens

The future’s here! Smart technology has become an all-conquering ever-present feature in the modern world; we find it in our phones, our televisions, our cars…even our central heating can be controlled and optimized by the power of intelligent computer processing.

But what about kitchens? How have the advances in smart technology affected the way in which we use this crucial space in our home? 

Let’s take a look at some of the innovations in kitchen gadgetry available on the market; those designed to help improve the user experience and make commonplace kitchen tasks that much more efficient. 

You're in control

If you’re thinking of investing in a new freestanding kitchen, you might want to explore the possibility of installing a central automation system that can control heating, lighting, music….even your blinds and curtains! Everything you could possibly need with the swipe of a finger!

There’s a wide range of smart home systems on the market, each designed to cater for your own particular needs. It might be worthwhile thinking about which elements of your freestanding kitchen space you want automated, and then find the system which best suits your demands.

Self-cleaning ovens

Quite high on the list of undesirable kitchen chores is cleaning the oven—particularly if there’s an excess of baked-on grease that looks as if it might require masonry tools to remove. So why not invest in a self-cleaning oven? 

Perhaps the most effective advancement in this field is the pyrolytic cleaning function. The process works by the oven heating to an extremely high temperature—in order to burn away grease residue. It’s then possible to wipe away burnt matter with relative ease. 

A decidedly less expensive option is to invest in an oven fitted with a catalytic liner. The liners are designed to absorb and then burn off grease at 200ºC. As they’re only limited to cleaning the sides, however, you’ll still need to tackle the trays and doors with conventional methods.

self cleaning over

Keep the air clean…

Extractor fans that withdraw unwanted odours, airborne grease, and smoke are pretty standard features in freestanding kitchens—and there are plenty of options to choose from to suit your tastes and needs. If you favour an industrial aesthetic, for example, a large metallic chimney hood fixed above your stove might just be the answer.

Away from your traditional set-ups, the very latest in extractor technology allows your hob to wirelessly communicate with your fan. Using infrared sensors, the hob can determine the temperature of your oven and instruct the fan on how much power to use. Amazing!

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Goodbye, kettle!

One of the most significant and beneficial smart technology features for a modern freestanding kitchen is the boiling-water tap. Standing around and twiddling your thumbs waiting for your kettle to boil will become a distant memory with this wonderfully practical addition. 

Either install a kettle function that’s connected to the main tap—which will generally include a safety feature on the boiling water valve— or invest in a separate tap that can be located near the main water faucet. Boiling water taps are perfectly suited for sinks installed in a freestanding kitchen island with multiple cabinets; as there’s plenty of room to house the required storage canister, and you’ve got the freedom and space to install your new tap wherever is most convenient and safe.

boiling water tap

How can we help?

However you decide to incorporate smart technology in your kitchen, Hugo & Blake is always on hand to help. Whether it’s deciding which smart lighting system might work best for your space, or planning how to install a self-cleaning oven into your freestanding kitchen island, we’re just a phone call or email away—so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Posted on May 24th 2022

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