The Best Kitchen Colours for 2021

Gone are the days when redecorating the kitchen meant flicking through a sample book and perusing exclusively over the various shades of white and grey. When it comes to choosing the right tones for your kitchen, palette trends have become surprisingly varied—and, as 2021 rolls on, there are plenty of interesting colour combinations out there for your consideration to create an attractive space.

Let’s take a look at some of the options available.

Green supreme

Green, in its various guises, has emerged as a popular colour choice for newly-decorated kitchens. If you’re thinking of going down the white walls route, the addition of some classic wooden cabinets, painted mint or sage green, can create a homely aesthetic. Throw in some retrograde appliances in similar shades and you can achieve a highly-desirable vintage style.

Elsewhere, olive and hunter green are two colours that look set to make a big impression in 2021. A painted feature wall is a great addition to a contemporary, minimalist space. 

Avocado or moss green can also create a beautifully rustic look when combined with whites and natural wood.

Blue is the warmest colour

It’s often said that blue is a poor choice for the kitchen as it’s too stark for a room which is supposed to project a sense of warmth and home comfort. Blue is also thought to diminish one's appetite. Well, that perceived wisdom doesn’t seem to have discouraged those adopting blue as a prominent tone in their designs.

Nautical blue is an effective colour if you’re looking to achieve a sense of sophistication and elegance, while a light pastel blue can create a subtle mood when mixed with a dark wooden floor. 

Indeed, light blues are a great option in kitchens because of their calming effect, but they don’t come recommended if your tastes are more rustic. Instead, opt for powdery or greyish blues, which can be offset with yellow or white accents for an impression of warmth.

If it’s tranquillity you’re looking for, a calming ambience while you’re rustling up the Sunday roast, incorporating a soft shade of blue might just be the answer. Take a look at our Grand Georgian Kitchen with blue features.

They’re red hot!

Red is a great choice for a dining kitchen—fittingly, it’s long believed to be a colour that stimulates the appetite! For a large space, then, in which a family gathers to eat, it’s the perfect option. Be sure to use it in moderation (like this posh kitchen), however; too much bright red can be overwhelming. 

Red can also be a wise move if your kitchen suffers from heat loss. Installing deep red cabinets, while the rest of the space is filled with varying shades of natural wood, will create a wonderful sense of warmth.

Red can look great in a rustic country kitchen, too. A brick-red, with a worn finish, is a shrewd choice in the quest for subtlety and understated style. 

It was all yellow…

It would be overkill to paint everything yellow in your kitchen. With a delicate touch, however, it can be the perfect accent to your space. Painted wood cabinets in yellow are a great option for those looking to create that classic farmhouse aesthetic. A yellow feature wall can also create a sense of light and space without being too overpowering, like in this contemporary kitchen, also pictured below. 

If you are worried about the colour being too strong for your kitchen, consider choosing a secondary, lighter tone to offset the yellow. Lower cabinets, for example, could be painted a vibrant yellow, while those higher up you could opt for pale peach shade—thus keeping the colour scheme consistent but not overwhelming your space with blocks of bright yellow. 

Whatever colour scheme you do eventually decide on, rest assured that the Hugo & Blake design team are always on hand to discuss options and offer our expert advice to ensure your kitchen looks exactly how you want it. 

Posted on February 1st 2021

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