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The Perfect Pantry – Time For a Spring Clean of Your Storage!

A spring clean and general organizing of your kitchen pantry can be a hugely rewarding way to spend an afternoon—and a task that can help improve the overall efficiency of your home’s engine room, including reducing the amount of waste your household creates by leaving ingredients to lurk and go off at the back of the cupboard. 

Let’s be honest, it can also be quite a therapeutic experience, too. There’s something uniquely satisfying about seeing all your foodstuffs and ingredients stored neatly in a pantry or larder; diligently labelled jars, precisely stacked Tupperware; everything in order, where it should be and within easy reach. Kitchen heaven.

And, if that sounds like a million miles away from the current storage set-up in your kitchen, then you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to give your pantry a good old-fashioned sort-out. Let's make this vital kitchen feature work for your space.

Why choose a freestanding pantry or breakfast cupboard?

If your kitchen doesn't offer enough space for a walk-in pantry, a freestanding pantry or breakfast cupboard can be an excellent alternative. A beautiful, handcrafted pantry can be built to fit the exact dimensions of your space, along with various drawer, shelving, and storage combinations to cater to your requirements.

What’s more, a bespoke freestanding pantry offers limitless possibilities in terms of placement. If it's not functioning in its current position, it’s no great effort to shift it to a more convenient spot in your freestanding kitchen. With its versatility, practicality, stunning natural timber aesthetics, and space-saving attributes, choosing a freestanding pantry is just loaded with benefits.

Bespoke, custom-built drawers

To optimize your freestanding pantry's storage capacity, consider storing infrequently used food items, such as tins, jars, and containers, in custom-built drawers. This approach allows you to keep everyday essentials on open shelves for ease of access. Additionally, incorporating deep drawers into your pantry design will help accommodate your widely-used ingredients like bulk bags of dried pasta and rice.

For a more structured storage scheme, you may want to consider using a drawer organizer. By implementing these features in your breakfast cupboard design, you can make the most of your space and keep your supplies neatly arranged.

breakfast cupboard next to fridge

Choose your containers wisely

You can further enhance your breakfast cupboard's practicality by incorporating neat-fitting baskets and mason jars into the shelving and drawer spaces. Using glass containers for powdery foodstuffs, grains, pulses, and nuts allows for easy stacking and minimizes the likelihood of stray ingredients cluttering your organized space.

For everyday items, you can use wicker baskets that fit smoothly on your shelving to provide convenient access. You can also categorize your ingredients and label each basket and jar to ensure easy identification. This practice can be particularly helpful if someone in the household has a food allergy or intolerance. By using these additional storage solutions, you can maximize the efficiency and organization of your pantry.

Unlimited shelving options

If you want to bring order and functionality to your freestanding pantry or breakfast cupboard, it's worth considering how you can maximise your shelving space for frequently used food items. With Hugo & Blake bespoke pantry designs, you have limitless possibilities for shelving configurations. You can opt for a combination of open shelves, stunning oak or beech cabinets, and deep-back shelving to create more storage space. 

With so many creative options available, there are really no restrictions on your quest for perfect pantry stock management. Hugo & Blake can design and build a breakfast cupboard to your exact specifications, enabling you to achieve that ideal balance between functionality and style.

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Consider a spice rack!

Bring structure to your herbs and spice storage with a bespoke, handcrafted rack. With Hugo & Blake's custom breakfast cupboard designs, you can integrate the spice and herb rack of your choice into your freestanding pantry. For those who like to add a little more zest to their mealtimes, we can create a tailored storage solution to meet your needs.

From mustard seeds to ground cinnamon and beyond, there is an ideal, practical rack available for every spice. You can even have racks installed into your pantry cabinet doors to maximize shelf space. With Hugo & Blake's personalized approach to pantry design, you can achieve the ultimate organization for your culinary supplies.

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How can we help?

Here at Hugo & Blake, we're always on hand to assist you in finding the ideal freestanding pantry or breakfast cupboard for your kitchen. We offer an extensive selection of bespoke, handmade units, ensuring that there is a pantry solution to fit every space and complement every kitchen style. Don't hesitate to contact us; we're here to help you find your dream pantry!

Posted on March 22nd 2023

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