Things To Consider When Selecting Your Kitchen Cabinets

Choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen is no minor undertaking. With the abundance of options available to you in the Hugo & Blake range—in terms of style, materials, colours, fixtures and fittings—it’s important to make the right decision. Cabinets are perhaps the first feature someone will notice when they enter a kitchen space—and, when they’re installed with a clear thought and design process in mind, they can bring together all the other aesthetic components of your kitchen.

Let us take you through some of the important considerations to think about when selecting your kitchen cabinets.


The amount you cook is usually a good indicator of the number of utensils and appliances you have—as well as the quantity of foodstuffs you’ll need to find a home for at any one time. In which case, storage is a key factor when choosing the right kitchen cabinets. How can you best maximise your floorplan—particularly if your kitchen is on the smaller side? Will you need fitted or freestanding kitchen units to create more room and storage?

Hugo & Blake can custom-make your cabinets to include a host of smart storage options; from deep kitchen drawers and bespoke shelving, to integrated pantries and spice racks. All designed to help improve organization and utilize that precious commodity: space.

freestanding kitchen unit

Style: contemporary or traditional?

Cabinets are the dominant aesthetic feature in your kitchen—so it’s crucial to select a style that best suits your own unique tastes, and, equally, one that harmonizes with the rest of your space. If you’re aiming for contemporary sleek minimalism—with granite worktops and flourishes of stainless steel—then find a cabinet that coordinates with that aesthetic. Perhaps a dark-stained solid oak cabinet would best suit your modern sensibilities. Or for a more traditional, Shaker-style country feel, you might lean towards a light matte-painted wood. 

Whatever your preferences, it’s important to establish early on in the planning stage what overall style you’re hoping to achieve with your cabinet choices.

freestanding kitchen drawer units


Whether your tastes are modern or traditional, the finish is a key concern when choosing your cabinets. It can be the difference between creating an aesthetic that perfectly synchronizes with the rest of your kitchen and your own unique vision—or one that is left feeling a little flat.

Here at Hugo & Blake, we are committed to the principles of choice. We offer our customers a dizzying range of finishing options: from the thousands of colours—using a highly-durable paint formulation that will last years—to the numerous paint finishes. We tailor kitchens to suit your tastes and we aim to get this integral stage just right.

kitchen units
freestanding kitchen units grey

Fixtures and fittings

Do not underestimate the power of a humble door handle or hinge. As well as their obvious practical qualities, the fixtures and fittings of your cabinets can be the all-important visual accent that completes your kitchen. Whether it’s solid brass hinges for that classic country finish, or polished chrome door handles, these are vital components to the overall feel of your space.

The color, design, finish, and materials of your door handles and cabinet knobs might seem like a trivial afterthought, but getting it wrong can upset the whole aesthetic balance of your kitchen. A classic dark-stained oak cabinet, for example, would struggle to make an impact if offset with a white porcelain door knob. 

Hugo & Blake have an almost inexhaustible range of fixtures and fittings available to our customers, and our design team are always on hand to discuss what might work best for you. Or, alternatively, come and visit our showroom to get a first-hand look at the kind of products we offer!

Posted on July 30th 2021

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