What Kitchen Worktop is Best?

Worktops are an unavoidably essential feature of any kitchen and the very best examples will compliment the overall style of your space—while being durable and robust enough to withstand the daily rigours of the fully-functioning engine room of your home. 

Over its lifespan, your worktops will be well-acquainted with any number of hot pans, sharp knives, and even the odd dropped weighty mason jar. A good worktop will be able to weather all of these culinary storms and still maintain its showroom condition.  

Luckily for you, there’re plenty of resilient worktop material choices out there; ones to suit a range of budgets and kitchen aesthetics. 

Let’s take a look at some of them!


Dekton, a sintered stone made from raw materials, has some unique benefits as a kitchen worktop choice; some advantages that even granite, marble and quartz can’t match! 

During the manufacturing process, slabs are specially treated to introduce a number of practical, highly-desirable qualities— including stain resistance, UV protection, water resistance, impact resistance AND heat resistance. All features that are essential in a hard-working kitchen environment.

Dekton makes for a super-compact, quality surface, perfect for kitchen worktops, floor and wall tiles, external housing cladding and plenty more besides!


Quartz is a man-made composition of natural quartz crystals and resin binding agents. It aims to combine the natural beauty of marble, while offering some more practical qualities for daily kitchen use. This engineered stone is incredibly resilient and designed to withstand even the most rigorous of culinary tasks. 


Granite is a hugely popular worktop choice thanks to its rugged natural beauty and striking aesthetic. As well as its obvious durable qualities, granite is also a versatile material—able to be cut precisely to fit any kitchen set-up. While this natural stone is impervious to even the sharpest knives and molten lava-hot casserole dishes, its porous makeup means liquids can penetrate the surface if not adequately sealed.


One thing you can guarantee when opting for a marble work surface is that it’s wholly unique. Each highly-coveted stone is cut from a larger, original slab—meaning your worktop is completely one-of-a-kind. It’s the ideal choice if you’re looking to make a real statement in your kitchen. The optime of luxury and opulent style. 

Like the other natural stones mentioned in this list, marble is naturally porous, so some form of protection and waterproof sealant is advised.

Lacquered timber

The beauty of lacquered timber as a worktop choice stems from its organic, natural aesthetic and its ability to fit harmoniously with a range of different kitchen styles. Whether it’s contemporary minimalism or rustic Quaker, this treated wood can be a great addition to your space. Lacquered timber is also protected against scuffs, stains, scratches and liquid spillages.

The downside, of course, is that wood is naturally less resilient than the hardy materials listed previously, so consider exactly how much heavy use your worktops will need to withstand before making a decision.

With a variety of worktop solutions available, the choice really is yours and with our four workshops located in the UK, we have a team of craftsmen who are dedicated to creating bespoke furniture, all designed to give you years of reliable service. Contact us today if you would like some help planning your next kitchen project.

Posted on July 20th 2021

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