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Why Freestanding Furniture Works for Family Kitchens

Freestanding kitchens have emerged as a popular design choice for family households in the last few years. While standard fitted kitchens are unlikely to ever go completely out of fashion, the flexibility and practical considerations of movable multi-functional units creates a wonderfully versatile kitchen space for a busy family…no matter how big or small.

Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of choosing freestanding furniture for a family kitchen.

Kitchens can grow with your family

Whether you’re welcoming a new family member, or saying goodbye to those that have flown the nest, a freestanding kitchen can change and adapt in harmony with your household.

Perhaps children have grown up and moved home, and there’s no need for the extra storage space or seating plans? An freestanding kitchen can be reconfigured to suit your new dynamics with ease. Likewise, the expansion of a family can mean more space or additional cabinets are required. You can cater for these changes much more conveniently than if you were to opt for a traditional fitted kitchen.

As your circumstances develop, so too can your space.

Family kitchen with a country aesthetic

A room for all occasions

The beauty of freestanding furniture is that you can design your space in accordance with the lifestyle and needs of your family unit. Aesthetics are fundamental, of course, but in practical terms, your kitchen can operate in a way that suits you.

Perhaps your family enjoys cooking together? If so, you can position units in a way that allows multiple family members in the kitchen at one time. Family dining and congregating can be made easier with a country-style breakfast table or a freestanding kitchen island. You can also section off areas of your space for designated work or homework sessions.

Hugo & Blake have a years of experience when it comes to building practical, workable kitchens, so we’re always able to provide a blueprint for these ideas and discuss how your space might be best utilized—we are always on hand to offer a uniquely personal service.

Green kitchen island with cupboards

Storage wars

To get the very best out of your environment, intelligent storage is a great way of creating a manageable, effective space for your family kitchen. There are a multitude of smart solutions for housing your crockery, appliances utensils—which will make the task of running a busy household that much simpler

A kitchen island will help solve a vast number of your storage challenges—as well as providing plenty of seating and workstation options for you and your family. With a range of worktop, shelving, cupboard and drawer configurations available—there’s really no end to the diversity of a kitchen island.

Kitchen island with seating and storage

Hardwearing, quality materials for everyday use

Hugo & Blake kitchen cabinets are handmade using time-honoured carpentry techniques, ensuring that each and every one of our units are built to stand the test of time—peace of mind for those customers with a busy family lifestyle. Hugo & Blake can provide the perfect solution for those households who need a hardwearing, robust working kitchen. 

All our cabinet facias are made from hardwood tulipwood, offering an unbeatable combination of strength, stability and knot-free grain—producing a beautiful aesthetic and superbly resilient painted finish. No matter how much your family grows, or how much wear and tear your kitchen sees, we know our high-quality cabinets will last.

How can we help?

There’s plenty to think about in the quest to create a beautiful freestanding kitchen for your family. As always, Hugo & Blake are here to help. Whether it’s finding the right cabinet or dresser to suit your household’s needs, or discussing specific materials and finishes, we are on hand to provide the advice and expert guidance you need

Posted on January 10th 2022

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