Rustic farmhouse kitchen pantry

Why Should I Choose a Freestanding Pantry?

A walk-in pantry might seem like the dream addition to a kitchen space; who wouldn’t enjoy the idea of being able dedicate an entire room for storing dried foodstuffs, ingredients, spices and herbs—even your kitchenware? Sometimes, however, the limits of your floorplan mean a walk-in pantry just isn’t feasible.

If that’s the case, a free-standing pantry is an excellent compromise—and often, a much more flexible, practical solution. A free-standing pantry can come in a wide range of forms. Customers can choose from a variety of different cabinet, shelving and drawer combinations—meaning you can create a freestanding kitchen unit that synchronizes with your own specific needs and storage requirements. 

Let’s take a look at some of the many benefits of choosing a freestanding pantry unit.

Making the most of your space

The beauty of a free-standing pantry is that it’s not fixed to any single location. From a functional standpoint, this means you are able to reposition your unit to fit the ever-evolving growth of your kitchen; customers can augment and reconfigure their storage space as their needs change.

Meanwhile, the flexible nature of these freestanding units makes them ideal for temporary storage. Perhaps you’ve decided to transform a walk-in pantry into a utility room—you can simply move a free-standing pantry to another part in your kitchen.


Walk-in pantries generally consist of a large number of wall-mounted shelves, often making it tricky to find the exact item you’re looking for. With a freestanding cabinet pantry, all your foodstuffs and ingredients are contained into a single space.

The versatility of your freestanding pantry also means you can position it closer to your cooking and food preparation area, making the assembly line between finding your ingredients and turning them into a culinary masterpiece a much smoother process!

Open kitchen dresser and pantry for rustic farmhouse kitchen
Kitchen dresser and pantry for rustic farmhouse kitchen


If space is at a premium, your freestanding pantry doesn’t have to be positioned in your kitchen. Perhaps you’ve found that an additional unit is just taking up too much space—you have the option to uproot the pantry and find a more practical location. Use the pantry for those less frequently used items and keep your everyday ingredients in a standard freestanding cabinet. 

When it comes to placement and the quest for aesthetical symmetry, it’s often thought that the best place for a freestanding pantry is on the opposite side of the kitchen to your refrigerator. As well as a certain visual harmony, it provides balance when making those short trips to find both cold and dried foodstuffs.

Rustic farmhouse freestanding pantry

Use those features!

Hugo & Blake can create a pantry unit with any configuration of cabinets, drawers, and shelving that you need for your freestanding kitchen. So, make the most of these features to create a smart storage solution. Deep pullout drawers, for example, are a great way of displaying everyday items as well as making them easily accessible. Less time rummaging—more time cooking!

Space saver!

Because all our units are handmade, and designed with your specific kitchen layout in mind, we can construct a pantry unit to fit even the most awkward and confined of kitchen plans. If your footprint is on the small side, and a walk-in pantry is an impossibility, we can build you a freestanding pantry to work for you. 

Adding drawers and shelving to your pantry can also save room elsewhere in your kitchen. A dedicated appliance drawer in your cabinet can clear worktop areas, while an internal spice rack can free up cupboard space if they’re starting to look overcrowded.

How can we help?

We are here to help when it comes to finding the perfect pantry option for your freestanding kitchen. With a wide range of handmade units available to you, we are always on hand to advise, inform and answer questions—so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’d love to chat!

Posted on December 21st 2021

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