Ground Georgian Kitchen

This exquisite property evokes memories of Charles Darwin's home in Shrewsbury, as detailed in a recent book. Although we later discovered Darwin lived a few doors down, the grandeur of this home is undeniable.

Considering the lofty ceilings, Hugo & Blake opted for a bank of full-height cupboards, providing ample storage without overwhelming the space. Breakfast cupboards conceal daily necessities, ensuring a tidy appearance.

An oak ladder and stainless steel rails ensure easy access to the tall cabinets. The Everhot cooker fits seamlessly in its alcove, with the open space behind it preserving the room's airy feel.

Touches like quartz marble, elegant handles, and pendant lights enrich the room's meticulous finish. The design influence extended to the utility room and rear hall, ensuring cohesion throughout. Truly, a charming family residence.

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